Von Seiger Boss has been breeding and testing German Short-haired Pointers (GSP) since 1981.

Starting with a bitch out of German import, Swiger's Farnia by RC Uodibars Boss Man, and breeding occasionally to selected sires, Von Seiger Boss produced three of the first twelve GSP NAVHDA Versatile Champions.

Our bitch line is strong, producing the first two  female Versatile Champions, VC Ch Rica's Bab von Seiger Boss, and her daughter VC Boots von Seiger Boss; as well as VC von Seiger Boss, VC Ben von Seiger Boss, Dual Champion Tina's Belle von Seiger Boss.

Using the genes of FC Uobidar's Boss Man, RC Ammertal's Lancer D, KS Graf Vom Vehner Moor, KS Onyx vom Hege Haus, and KS Graf vom Niemen, we have built and maintained our strong bitch line capable of producing NAVHDA prize one utility dogs and future Versatile Champions. 

Dr Smith, also a field judge, has been practicing veterinary medicine for over 30 years.  He uses conventional medicine and surgery, acupuncture, homeopathy, nutrition, and education to promote and restore optimal health in pets and animals.  To educate and inform pet owners, he invites your questions, comments, stories, and humor to promote better pet ownership and health.  He can be reached at shawnsmith100@hotmail.com.